Pennsylvania Pair Pleads Guilty To Having Sex On City Bus (While Friend Held Their Infant Daughter)

The Pennsylvania couple charged with having sex on a city bus--while a friend held their infant daughter--have pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, according to court records.

The late-August tryst between Amanda Confer, 24, and Randell Peterson, 32, was recorded by the vehicle’s surveillance camera as it traveled through Montoursville, according to a criminal complaint.

According to cops, Confer boarded the bus “accompanied by her infant daughter.” She met up with Peterson, who got on the bus with Joshua Schill (at the time, both men were “pre-release inmates” who were part of a work release program that allowed them to come and go from the Lycoming County lockup at set times).

After Confer handed the baby to Schill, she and Peterson--seated in the rear of the bus--quickly progressed from hugging and kissing to oral sex. Confer then “lowered her underwear” and, “upon sitting on” Peterson’s lap, “both defendants proceeded to have sexual intercourse for several minutes,” reported a cop who had examined the bus footage.

Confer pleaded guilty earlier this month to the automotive interlude, and was sentenced to two years probation on the conviction (Peterson had previously copped to the misdemeanor count). Prosecutors dropped three other charges against the couple, who are pictured in the above mug shots.

After TSG first reported on the couple’s arrest, Confer apparently received unwanted Facebook messages that prompted her to post a response to her critics. “Look assholes yes i had sex with my HUSBAND whom i been wit for 5 fucking years he is my childrens father,” Confer wrote. “randell was in jail PRC when it happend i was ridin for my HUSBAND SO STOP TALKIN SHIT I WILL BE PRESSING CHARGES FOR ANYONE INVOLED YOU SICK FUCKS.”