Black Friday Shopper Robbed At Gunpoint Outside Best Buy In South Carolina

A Black Friday shopper was robbed at gunpoint early this morning as she prepared to depart a South Carolina shopping mall parking lot in search of bargains at a Best Buy store

Shelly Ludlum-Cheers, 45, told Myrtle Beach cops she was sitting in her car in the Men’s Wearhouse lot “waiting to go into Best Buy” when she was confronted at 1 AM by the gunman. Ludlum-Cheers, who was exiting the vehicle, was ordered back inside by the robber.

The suspect got into the car’s back seat and demanded the woman’s cell phone and cash, according to a police report. Ludlum-Cheers reported handing over $200 to the robber, who she described as a 5’ 9” black male wearing a knit cap and a dark shirt.

Ludlum-Cheers said the gunman ran from her vehicle after she told him that her children would soon be returning to the auto.