Photo Booth Pictures Result In Charges Against Group Of Amateur Credit Card Fraudsters

Police have charged a quartet of young Maryland residents with stealing a credit card and using it to pay for, among other things, a series of photo booth pictures that eventually helped cops apprehend them.

According to investigators, the group used the plastic earlier this month at a Regal Cinemas theater to pay a total of $57.75 for tickets to the movie “The Purge,” sodas, and popcorn. The group also used the credit card to pay for $15 worth of pictures from a photo booth in the theater’s lobby.

While they might have gotten away with the ticket-soda-popcorn purchases, the amateur fraudsters made the mistake of leaving behind the credit card and a strip of four photos (seen at right). Which made their eventual bust a breeze for the Anne Arundel County Police Department.

Cops have charged James Murrill, 19; Heather Garno, 20; Melissa Vogel, 19; and a 17-year-old girl with credit card theft, making unauthorized charges, and conspiracy.

In two of the photo booth images, Murrill can be seen holding what investigators believe is the Visa card belonging to victim Michelle Crislip, a local accountant who reported her card missing one day after it was used for the movie theater charges.  

Murrill, Garno, and Vogel are pictured in the below Facebook images, which were snapped before their ill-fated photo booth foray.