Wikileaks Boss, Other Celebrities Sued By World’s Looniest Inmate

In a bravura performance even for him, the world’s most litigious inmate has just filed a dozen new federal lawsuits against dozens of high-profile defendants, including Derek Jeter, Robert Pattinson, Judge Judy, terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The latest mad masterworks of Jonathan Lee Riches--all of which were sent by mail to the U.S. District Court in Denver--are typical of the convicted felon’s distinctive legal oeuvre. Laden with pop culture references, bizarre (and often hilarious) conspiracy theories, and spurious legal claims, the new complaints will all eventually be dismissed, of course.

But somehow Riches, 33, remains able to file these nuisance lawsuits, which he has been doing steadily for several years (a review of online court dockets reveals that Riches, pictured at right, has been a party to thousands of civil actions). Now held at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky, Riches is scheduled for release in March 2012 (he was sentenced to a decade in prison for fraud).

In his complaint against Assange (click here, if you must, for a PDF copy), Riches claims that the Wikileaks boss “posted a letter memo I received from Barack Obama begging me to stop filing lawsuits.” Riches goes on to assert that he used a stolen Capital One “no hassel card” to pay for Dick Cheney’s recent heart surgery, and that Hillary Clinton stole his American Express card to pay for her daughter’s recent wedding. He added that he taught Assange “how to computer hack at Defcon in Las Vegas.”

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Trumbullisland.com has an ongoing correspondence with Jonathan Lee Riches. He might be crazy but he is truly an artist and all the best artists are crazy. Nobody has ever done what he has with the lawsuit. And he's only just getting started. http://trumbullisland.com/tag/jonathan-lee-riches
By the sound of it, Riches probably shouldn't be in prison: they're not equipped to deal with adult-onset schizophrenia. He needs someplace with nice, soft walls...