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Viewers Complain About Beyonce's Grammy Grinding

FCC beefs also cited Katy Perry's satanic tendencies


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FCC Grammy Letters

FEBRUARY 27--You know the routine by now:

1) Mildly risqué performance is shown on broadcast TV

2) Small segment of viewers are stricken by case of the vapors

3) Some write complaints to the Federal Communications Commission

4) Everyone else then laughs at these deeply aggrieved correspondents

So, let’s get on with it:

The January 26 CBS telecast of the Grammy Awards prompted more than 40 viewers to file indecency complaints with the FCC. The beefs essentially broke down into three categories:

* Beyonce’s bumping and grinding with Jay Z

* The gay marriages performed by Queen Latifah

* Katy Perry’s blatant summoning of Satan

To read a sampling of the Grammy complaints, just click on any of the below links. Strangely, FCC officials received no letters about Robin Thicke's performance with Chicago.


Somebody was watching very, very carefully

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So that’s a crime now?

Apparently a violation of the “Footloose” ordinance

The key word here is “mostly”

Blue Ivy’s 17 bodyguards would not allow this

Even the hearing impaired were scarred

So that’s how she gets away with it!


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Tennessean forced to watch against their will

Overwhelming gayness irked Texan

Again with the gay agenda

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A defender of traditional marriage weighs in


She likely made a deal with him for her career

Katy’s Aleister Crowley shout-out gave her away

Perry’s preacher parents were surely disgusted

Still preferable to being a Robin Thicke fan