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Reports Detail Drunken Palin Family Brawl

No charges to be filed for melee at Alaska bash

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Palin Family Fight

OCTOBER 9--Alaska prosecutors will not be filing charges in connection with last month’s drunken brawl involving members of the Palin family and other attendees at a booze-soaked birthday party.

In light of that decision, Anchorage Police Department officials released assorted--and highly entertaining--reports detailing the September 6 brawl that ignited after the Palins arrived at the bash in a white limousine.

The reports list Bristol Palin, 23, as a suspect, her brother Track, 26, as a victim, and Sarah Palin and her husband Todd as witnesses. A third Palin child, 20-year-old Willow, is identified as a “person interviewed.”

According to cops, Bristol appeared “heavily intoxicated” during questioning, and claimed that she had confronted a woman who had pushed her sister. Bristol claimed that the party’s host was “calling her a cunt and slut” and that she was pushed to the ground and pulled “around on the grass by her feet.”

Witnesses described Bristol as “out of control” and accused her of repeatedly slugging host Korey Klingenmeyer in the face. Klingenmeyer, 39, told police that he was “angry the Palins had showed up and were causing the problems.” He added, “A fight broke out and the Palins ended up losing.”

When police arrived at the Anchorage residence around midnight, they spotted a shirtless Track Palin being led to the family’s limousine. Track’s associates, a cop noted, appeared “intent on keeping him away from me.”

Track, an officer noted, “appeared heavily intoxicated” and had blood around his mouth and on his hands. He also seemed to have an injury under his left eye. While initially “belligerent,” Track agreed to exit the limo and, at his mother’s direction, speak to police.

The “angry and intoxicated” Track told cops that “some guys were talking rudely to his sisters, making them cry.” He claimed that the family decided to leave the party. But as they were departing, Track added, a friend of his was sucker punched and knocked to the ground.

“Track said he then confronted one of the guys and said he would fight him, so Track took off his shirt to fight,” a cop reported. However, Track claimed, he was also attacked from behind by a quartet of “skinny white males.”

As his son spoke to police, Todd Palin interjected that when the family’s friend was attacked from behind, “everything escalated and it was a situation they couldn’t walk away from.” The reports do not include notes of any police interview with Sarah Palin.

Witness Brian Horschel said that during the party, Track Palin tried to “start a fight with his dad, Todd.” Horschel, 38, said that he was “about to step in” until he “found out that it was Todd’s son that was trying to fight him.”

At one point, while police were interviewing partygoers, Todd Palin confronted Klingenmeyer and asked the host if “he called his daughter a ‘bitch.’” Willow Palin then approached and “also got involved flipping [Klingenmeyer] off and getting loud.” Officer Ruth Adolf noted that, “We eventually separated everyone and the Palin family ended up leaving.”

Another witness, Matthew McKenna, told police that “about four unknown guys then jumped on Todd,” and that Track “jumped in and was fighting with the people that jumped his dad.” McKenna said that he “told Todd to get his ‘crew,’ get into the limo and leave.” He added, “Nobody listened and yet another fight started.”

McKenna said that “the problem was that Bristol and Willow were drunk as were their boyfriends.” McKenna added that after Bristol punched the party host “in the face six times,” a “bunch of wives tackled her ass.”

An “extremely agitated” Willow Palin told an officer that the party host had assaulted her sister and that “several guys were on top of her sister when she was on the ground.” Willow claimed that “an older lady” pushed her, and that “people were saying things like ‘Fuck the Palins.’” (13 pages)