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Cops: Teletubby Broke Into Pal's House, Stole Food

Perp dumped Chinese leftovers into "man purse"


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Laa-Laa Steals Food

10/30 UPDATE: Cops charge collegian, 20, with Teletubby invasion

OCTOBER 28--A man dressed as “Laa-Laa,” the yellow Teletubby, broke into a friend’s house early Sunday morning, removed Chinese food from the refrigerator, and “dumped it into his man purse” before escaping, Pennsylvania police report.

Bethlehem cops probing the 2 AM break-in subsequently identified the male suspect, but the “Victim did not wish to press charges” for damage to his front door.

A Bethlehem Police Department report does not identify the costumed invader, who apparently had attended a Halloween party earlier in the evening. The scene of the break-in/Chinese food theft is about two blocks from the Lehigh University campus. 

Initially categorized as an incident of criminal mischief, the matter was marked “cleared exceptional” when charges were declined by the man whose Chinese food ended up in "Laa-Laa"’s murse.

One of four Teletubbies, “Laa-Laa” is known for a crooked antenna and sweet disposition. Her purple sidekick, “Tinky Winky,” is often seen carrying a red handbag. Bethlehem cops did not reveal the color of the satchel into which “Laa-Laa” dumped the leftovers. (1 page)