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Duo's Phony Heart Attack Scheme Foiled

Redd Foxx act employed during toy heist

Redd Foxx

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Man Fakes Heart Attack

DECEMBER 17--A Florida thief last week faked a heart attack inside a Walmart so that a male accomplice could walk out of the store with a shopping cart stuffed with toys, including a motorized Barbie Power Wheel, police report.

While the diversion proved initially successful, the pair was arrested yesterday on grand theft charges when they were linked to the crime via surveillance footage.

According to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office report, Tarus Scott, 30, and Genard Dupree, 27, entered the Lake Wales Walmart together and filled a cart with $369.94 in merchandise. As seen on the below store surveillance video, the men separated after the cart was loaded.

As Scott moved toward the exit with the merchandise, Dupree dropped to the floor and clutched his chest. With Dupree doing his best Fred Sanford imitation, Scott walked past his sidekick. The fake heart attack, cops noted, “appeared to be done in an attempt to create a distraction long enough for Scott to exit the store, past all points of sale, without paying for the merchandise in the cart."

Dupree’s heart trouble lasted 44 seconds before he was able to get to his feet and amble out of Walmart. He met up with Scott in the parking lot and the pair drove away in an SUV.

A subsequent police review of surveillance footage resulted in the identification of Dupree and Scott. Dupree is currently on felony probation for theft, while Scott is an ex-con who was released from prison last year after serving about a decade for armed robbery.

Pictured in the above mug shots, Dupree (left) and Scott are being held in the Polk County jail for felony grand theft. (1 page)