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The Wolfe At Anthony Weiner's Front Door

Twitter mystery man fears pol's "Clinton connections"

Anthony Weiner

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JUNE 2--The prescient Twitter provocateur who, weeks ago, somehow divined that a lewd photo scandal was looming for Rep. Anthony Weiner claims he is fearful that his leading role in “Weinergate” will focus attention on a multitude of his own “major personal problems” that he is “afraid…will all come out,” The Smoking Gun has learned.

As a result, “Dan Wolfe” has distanced himself from his online coterie of fellow conservatives, none of whom appear to know the true identity of Wolfe, who uses the Twitter handle “patriotusa76” and describes himself (assuming he is male) as a “Conservative Reagan Republican” opposed to “Obamacare, socialism, sharia.”

In response to a TSG e-mail sent yesterday to his Yahoo account seeking an interview, Wolfe only wrote, “Who gave you this email address? Private.” Wolfe did not respond to several subsequent e-mails sent to him.

Wolfe’s reticence apparently has been triggered by the fallout from a May 27 tweet emanating from Weiner’s account that was sent to a 21-year-old college student in Washington state (that tweet included a link to a now-infamous underwear photo). The Weiner tweet and the accompanying photo was spotted late Friday night by Wolfe, who tipped Big Government, the conservative blog run by Andrew Breitbart.

For months, Wolfe and several Twitter sidekicks have excoriated Weiner, 46, in the harshest terms. They have criticized his looks, claimed his marriage is a sham, and accused his wife of having ties to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. On May 5, Wolfe floated a rumor that compromising photos of a “big time” congressman were in the hands of a “top 5 Right Wing blogger.” He tweeted, “@RepWeiner are you this Congressman?” He reprised this photo rumor in a May 11 tweet.

As the Weiner story began to spread over the weekend--and detractors started accusing him of somehow hacking Weiner’s accounts--Wolfe balked when Breitbart sought to arrange a conference call to discuss how to further exploit and advance “Weinergate.” In e-mails sent from his Yahoo account, Wolfe asked, “Why does he need to speak with me for this?” and “I’m just not sure why he needs to talk to me. Why is talking necessary?”

He also noted that, “I am having major personal problems right now getting worse by the minute.”

In a subsequent May 30 e-mail, Wolfe expounded on these troubles, explaining why he wanted to avoid speaking with his Twitter cronies. “I have ALOT of personal problems I didn’t want to go into--but as I become the focus of this I am more and more afraid this will all come out.”

Wolfe then went on to state that his ex-wife was suing him for custody of their two children and “for lots of other stuff right now. Her attorneys are after everything I own.” Additionally, he reported that, “I have an ex girlfriend who has mental problems causing issues for me at work. My business is suffering as a result.”

Explaining his hesitation to speak on the telephone, Wolfe wrote that his ex-wife (working in conjunction with a former girlfriend of his) had twice secretly recorded him and that the resulting tapes had “gotten me in a lot of legal trouble.” As a result, he contended that if his ex-wife’s attorney “got a hold of a call recorded with me on it they’d have a field day with that. I want to try to avoid.”

While not addressing who would make such a recording, how it would surface, or why it would do harm to him, Wolfe concluded, “I am screwed. If all this comes out along with everything I’m dealing with here--I don’t know what to do.”

Wolfe’s reluctance to actually speak with Breitbart surfaced only hours after he had e-mailed the conservative blog titan a series of screen captures that he “took live” after the infamous tweet was directed to college student Gennette Nicole Cordova. Wolfe’s e-mail to Breitbart was sent at 4:16 AM (Eastern) and included six .jpg images. His e-mail to Breitbart concluded, “We have more.”

[For “Weinergate” completists, TSG is offering the six screen captures sent by Wolfe in his early-morning e-mail, which provided Breitbart with a brief description of each screen grab. Wolfe named the files:

* Weiner tweet in search results.jpg

* Weiner tweet in his timeline.jpg

* Weiner yfrog screen cap.jpg

* Other images in Weiner's yfrog right before pc.jpg

* More images in Weiner's yfrog before pic.jpg

* gennetteNicole friend talking about her Weiner crush.jpg ]

After forwarding the screen captures from Weiner’s Twitter and yfrog accounts, Wolfe anxiously waited to see what Breitbart & Co. would do with the material. In e-mails, he asked about “any updates?” and sought to determine “What did Breitbart say about all of our stuff? Is he going to use any of it?”

Other Wolfe e-mails reveal that, despite a torrent of unrelenting Twitter vitriol directed at the New York congressman, he claimed to be “a little worried when it comes to Weiner.” In a May 25 e-mail, Wolfe cited the Democratic pol’s “Clinton connections--they have people everywhere.” Weiner’s wife is Huma Abedin, who has been a close aide to Hillary Clinton for more than a decade. Weiner and Abedin (pictured at right) were married last July in a ceremony presided over by former President Bill Clinton.

Wolfe concluded the May 25 correspondence by noting, “I know I sound paranoid.”

He was again thinking about the Clintons in the hours after he leaked the Weiner story to Breitbart, who sought a phone conversation. “I personally don’t fell [sic] comfortable giving him my phone number because of the Clinton ties to this,” Wolfe wrote in an e-mail. “Weiner is sneaky and I don’t need Clinton problems.” (2 pages)

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Weiner needs to be independent of Shumer but the Clintons especially. He married a woman close to Hillary and she may be the next president. That looks fishy for a confirmed bachelor of 46 to marrmy for any reason other than gain. Huma may have wanted her own home too at 35. Weiner was frontrunner for mayor NYC. I can see why that marriage happened and think it took place in good faith on her part. He sent a pic by accident that went public and the implosion is still rocking the political world. The original reasons for the marriage may still be in play,I do not see it going away.
After reading about Mike Stack, his actions, past and present are going to land him in jail. Weiner is an ass and deserves whatever he gets, but this douche bag Stack is no shining light either. All his talk about being able to find anyone who makes comments about him is enough to investigate his computer use and I'll bet the farm something, if not many things illegal are going to turn up. In his haste to take down someone he hates is going to end up taking him down too. Reminds me of all the republicans hell bent on taking Clinton down who ended up getting caught in their own scandals. And best is Tom Delay, after 14+ years, he's now rotting in prison. Hate, bigotry and greed, the republicans mantra, will get most of them.
By golly, your right! That also reminds of the time when the radicals on the left were hell bent on bringing down Nixon and by golly, they got their man and the genie has refused to go back into the bottle ever since! quod potest vermibus.
Want to bet that with this morning's news of more pictures and other women surfacing, that liberals and TSG will find this story much less interesting and far less worthy of discussion.
Wow!!! Man you were right!!!
Wow, his wife is a foxy lady...
Yeah, if you happen to think a Tasmanian wolf is hot. Her mouth is frightening......just like Weiner's nose is. They do make a good match, though.
What a remarkably fascinating thread. I'm still waiting for someone to explain why a felony committed on a sitting congressman ought not be investigated.
Was that "...a felony committed on a sitting congressman" or "...a felony committed sitting on a congressman"? Furthermore, the word bulge is flatteringly inaccurate.
An investigation should have been started the moment NY Rep. Weiner said, "I was hacked". I am sure he wishes he never spoke those investigation will find him making a false claim.........he does not want an investigation, the Democorps do not want an investigation. I would like to see this gun grabbing, tax/spend big government progressive liberal resign. But, he will not. The Democorps will duck and cover for him. His district will still reelect him in 2012, even knowing he is a little, lying, pervert weiner.
Fred -- so because Weiner said someone hacked his account, you believe it? Are you really so naive that you immediately take the side of a scumbag politician who says that someone hacked into his account and sent a tweet of a picture that the congressman obviously took of himself? I often hear law enforcement folks say that the simple answer is usually the true answer. The simple answer is this case is that Weiner took a photo of himself, sent a link to said photo to a female college student, and now is deflecting like crazy in order to save his career (as well as other things). Does it not bother you that his story keeps changing?
Because Weiner said his account was hacked, law enforcement has a duty to investigate.
TSG deleted my earlier comment in which I pointed out that people should be concentrating on things that actually matter, such as the fact that AW supports an anti-American bill. TSG is on the side of time-wasting sleaze, not on the side of encouraging people to concentrate on things that actually matter.
Someone hacking a congressman's twitter account is a felony. You consider enforcing the law to be "time-wasting"?
Try and scam someone else. If his account was hacked, he'll take care of it and the police will handle it. Any calls by blogger types to get him to investigate it in one way or another are simply passive-aggressive, low-wattage attempts to smear. Such calls illustrate just how low they are. They let Obama beat them, and now instead of challenging Weiner on his *ideas* they go after a pic that might not even be him.
Sorry pal. Weiner alleged the felony. It's not up to him to handle it. He either is a victim of a crime or he has made a false claim. PS No one needs to make any "low-wattage" attempts to smear Weiner. He's doing a marvelous job of that himself.
Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Trump, Limbaugh and Beck volunteered and they want the Justice department to conduct a formal police lineup with Weiner and several other suspects in tight grey cotton bulging underpants so that they can personally and properly examine, identify and apprehend the evasive scoundrel seen in the obscene twitter photo along with their individual official US birth certificates and US circumcision certifications with raised seals. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will be standing by with chap stick lip gloss and a japanese made tape measuring devise to ensure the tea baggers that they will keep a firm grip on things.
I want to know how TSG got Wolfe's Yahoo email address and especially his emails. If they got the address from Twitter, is there no privacy policy there? Why wouldn't Wolfe make it private, considering the comments he was posting? And why is TSG making it a point to smear Wolfe and protect Weiner?
I would assume they got all this from Breitbart/Big Government, who are giving up Dan Wolfe because Dan Wolfe is toast. I suspect they want more information and he can't provide it while still maintaining his innocence. I think he's the mystery crotch.
Quite possible! Weiner should immediately call for a full investigation and demand Wolfe be arrested.
Excellent point.
I work in IT security: there is no reason to call in the FBI just yet. A trained computer forensics expert can come in and pull any and all necessary data to see if the hack warrants a call to the FBI. I'm really tired of seeing the meme that Weiner must be guilty of something since he hasn't called in the Feebies. It's not to that point. What we know is that he has contacted an attorney who has contacted an expert. When that expert does his analysis, then we see if it gets turned over to the FBI. Our team does this all the time: sometimes we turn it over to law enforcement and sometimes it's considered a private matter reserved for civil court.
LTinTN...You are absolutely correct my friend concerning the protocol and possible contacts and referral for further official action. A similar incident like this happened in our agency. The employees who had exchanged the graphic sexually oriented materials via govt owned electronic media were disciplined, not prosecuted, but they never discovered the identity of the original hacker.
Which is it? Employees where you work were busted for using a government network to share graphic sexual media, presumably via email OR the system was hacked? You are aware that there is a difference?
No No NO, Not the govt network nor email, it was the Blackberry leased messaging type media.
No, no, no. Employees freely exchanging innapropriate material doesn't suggest hacking. Hacking is the malicious, malignant breaking into someone elses account.
In this case, Weiner has revealed that someone "hacked" his federal government account. This is not a private matter, it's a felony. I am just astonished that liberals insist on protecting the rotten, far right saboteur that has done so much to annoy this fine and sincere public servant. I had no idea liberals had such a christian capacity for forgiveness and overlooking conservative tomfoolery. Who knew?!
Sure, Fred, every person who thinks this story reeks is a liberal.
No anyone who does not agree with Fred is a liberal.Now he will come back and say that Iam a hater of the poor and use one of his pet names toward me like butter-cup or sugar-britches to name a few. along with his other bashings toward me when I don't agree with him.
Submitted by Paladin59 on Sat, 2011-05-28 10:53. You should join her at the trailer down some pabst and pork rinds you could even bring the Monster truck dvd's. And what the hell is dirty lickins is it when you drop food on the ground you lick the dirt off before you eat it?. takes a moron to support an act like that the state should take your kids before the end up like you.
Thanks for the repost
I don't know what to tell you. By some odd coincidence conservatives want the evil-doer caught and punished. Even though by all accounts it must be a conservative who committed this crime. On the other hand, the victim and all liberals are against this being investigated but would like to say bad things about this fellow Wolfe. Strange, don't you think?
Yes, it's very strange that the leftists are making such a big deal out of it ('it' did look pretty big in the picture, ha ha). Maybe even THEY think Weiner is sleazy (in more ways than one) and can't find a way to cover for him since he hasn't really denied the picture is of him, so they're getting ready to throw him under 'the bus'.
I agree.
Who cares?
Certainly no one on the left.
Who cares.
Certainly not you sugarbritches. Toodles.
I am all for hauling the "Wolfe" crier to jail BUT since when did a twitter account become "federal" ... ?
You are all for Wolfe being hauled off to jail? Why? As a liberal you insist there ought not be any federal investigation of the hacking of a congressman's account. Why is that?
When it was paid for by U.S. taxpayers and provided for the use of a representative in congress.
You don't have to pay for twitter, it's free.
I don't care if it's a gift and he's paid to use it. It's the account of a representative of congress. Why do you wish to protect the conservatives that did this to poor Weiner?
Who cares
LOL! I see you have to come back for more. How does it feel to be my b1tch, buttercup?
If the Twitter account belongs to the people, then his briefs must as well! After all he's paid to wear them. I demand the confiscation of all Weiners briefs for analysis.
Great article! I have no doubt that Weiner will be contacting the FBI any minute now. No?