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Woman Tried To Assault Girlfriend With Sex Toy

Florida perp, 21, threw strap-on at roomie during beef

Sex Toy Assault

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Strap-On Attack

AUGUST 16--A Florida woman is facing a felony domestic violence charge after she allegedly tried to strike her girlfriend last night with a “female sex toy,” according to a police report.

Responding to call of an aggravated assault with a knife, a cop interviewed Tamara Cadet and Jantavia Taylor about a confrontation in the Bradenton home they have shared for more than a year.

Cadet, 23, told the investigator that she and Taylor, 21, “became involved in an argument and that Ms. Taylor then grabbed a knife from an unknown location and began to chase her with it.” Fearful of being injured, Cadet said she fled the couple’s home and ran a block before Taylor stopped chasing her.

But when Taylor spoke to a Bradenton Police Department officer, she denied chasing Cadet with knife in hand, instead noting that “the only thing that she threw at Ms. Cadet trying to strike her was a female sex toy (Strap on Penis).”

Further police investigation determined that, “The sex toy was located across the street in the yard of another residence.” In his report, Officer Joshua Small noted that the weapon used in the alleged domestic assault was categorized as “other.”

Pictured in the above mug shot, Taylor, who works at Popeyes, is being held at the Manatee County jail, where bond has not been set. (2 pages)