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Kidnapper Gets Xbox 360 For Man's Release

Captive freed after video game system turned over


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Xbox Kidnapping

JANUARY 25--A Tennessee man who allegedly kidnapped his son-in-law following a financial dispute released the man after accepting an Xbox 360 game system as ransom, according to police.

According to a Kingsport Police Department report, Allen Begley told cops that Joshua Seal held him against his will Sunday at Seal’s business. Begley said that Seal, pictured in the mug shot at right, accused him of stealing rings from a job site and demanded $245 for the items. Begley added that Seal, 38, assaulted him, blackening his eye.

When Begley, who denied stealing the rings, told Seal that he did not have any money, “Mr. Seal made him call friends and family to find someone that could give him the money,” cops reported. Begley’s mother reported getting a call from her son, who was “crying on the phone and he told her that he was in trouble.”

While Begley’s relatives could not come up with cash, they offered Seal “an Xbox 360 that is worth $400 to $500.” Seal accepted the video game sysem in exchange for the 21-year-old Begley. The transfer was made at Zoomerz, a Kingsport gas station. “Mr. Begley had bruising and swelling under his right eye and had red marks on his neck,” according to the police report.

A subsequent police investigation resulted in Seal’s arrest on an aggravated kidnapping rap. A second man, Bradley Marshall, was also charged with kidnapping for aiding in the detention of Begley at Seal’s business. (2 pages)

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This gives white trash a bad name. It's a shame I only live about an hour and a half from where this happend.
Me too! Good oooole Rocky Top! WOOO! Rocky Top Tennessee!
I love it. Young lyin thievin punks always think they can get away with using their family connections. He got what he deserved. Good for dad-in-law!
400$ to 500$? Try 100$ to 300$, if it was new. Assuming he makes off with it, they could catch him later on when he logs into xbox live..Its been done a few times, criminals would ransack a house, make off with the 360..When it phones home and goes on live, bam.
Dumb bastards.
This guy is going to get a whole lot of online play where he is going.