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Koran Burner: Creepier Than You Think

Florida church’s “rulebook” worthy of pastor’s bonfire

Rev. Terry Jones

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Dove Church Rulebook

SEPTEMBER 8--The Florida pastor who is planning to burn a pile of Korans this weekend runs a church that has established a variety of cult-like rules for individuals studying to become ministers, according to the group’s “rulebook.”

The Dove World Outreach Center (DWOC), headed by Islam-hating Rev. Terry Jones, has been widely denounced for its September 11 bonfire plans. The tiny Gainesville church is headed by Jones and his wife Sylvia, a co-pastor.

The DWOC’s “Academy Rulebook,” a copy of which you’ll find here, was created in November 2007 by Sylvia Jones. The document, which details the standards to which a prospective DWOC minister must adhere, addresses topics such as behavior, study, and communication. It is also filled with the kind of creepy directions that are often associated with cults.

For instance, students are directed to cut off most contact with family members. “Family occasions like wedding, funerals or Birthdays are no exception to this rule,” the rulebook notes. “No phone calls. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances but only after receiving permission.”

The Joneses also barred “Singles” from having “romantic relationships to the opposite sex…Except work things, there is no need to talk at all, or even flirt!” Students were barred from “eating out in restaurants” and warned that they would be weighed “once a week to follow the tendency,” an apparent reference to a weight goal established by the Joneses.

The rulebook--which is riddled with misspellings and grammatically challenged--notes that students must “wash or shower at least once a day but not more then 2 a day,” and make sure to cleanse “Mouth, sweat areas, hair, feet hands.” (6 pages)

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Yea, it was his opinion. It was also Moses's opinion that Israel should not make any graven images unto themselves. Better re-read your Bible liberal. The only time Paul gave his "opionion" was about ministers not marrying, and then he said that he knew that most people could not stay single. Woman (who are just as important as men in God's economy) are NEVER called to leadership above men in the Church. It's not because of their gender, it's God's plan.
Huklberry...#1... Paul was giving his opinion about women serving in the church and made it clear it was his opinion. #2. There are no second class citizens in the kingdom of God. He can put his calling on a woman just as he can a man.
@mreverest2010 - You're correct in that there are no "second class" people in heaven, but Hulkberry is correct - scripturally we are equal but with different roles. Sorry.
jeeez - isn't a rule by now that nobody with the name Jones can start a church (cult)?