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Man Dies After Eating Cocaine For Brother

Sibling urged victim to ingest drug stashed in buttocks


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Cocaine Eating Death

DECEMBER 20--A South Carolina man died soon after he ingested an ounce of cocaine that had been hidden in his brother’s buttocks, according to police.

Deangelo Mitchell, 23, and his brother Wayne, 20, were being transported to jail in the back of a North Charleston Police Department cruiser on November 30 when the duo began whispering about narcotics hidden inside the older sibling.

Following an earlier traffic stop, the Mitchells were arrested when a cop found three small bags of cocaine underneath a rear seat of their 2001 Chrysler.

As seen on footage recorded in the back of the squad car, Deangelo Mitchell (pictured at right) encouraged his brother to ingest the cocaine. The older Mitchell, who has a lengthy rap sheet, apparently was concerned that he could face life in prison if convicted of a narcotics charge. “I can’t get no more strikes,” he told his brother.

Deangelo Mitchell also directed his brother to “Eat that shit” and “Chew that shit.”

At one point, Wayne Mitchell, who is handcuffed, can be seen reaching back to retrieve the cocaine from his brother. He then drops his head and begins to chew and swallow the cocaine.

Soon after ingesting the drug, Wayne Mitchell began convulsing and bleeding from his mouth. Cops noted that “white powder residue” was found on the cruiser’s rear seat. Deangelo Mitchell told cops “he believed his brother swallowed an ounce of cocaine.”

Within an hour of ingesting the cocaine, Wayne Mitchell (pictured at left) was dead.

Initially charged with narcotics trafficking, Deangelo Mitchell was released from custody after posting $50,000 bond. But after a review of the police footage, cops decided to charge him with involuntary manslaughter in connection with his brother’s death.

Mitchell was arrested this morning at a residence in downtown Charleston. He is expected to appear later today before a bond judge. (3 pages)