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Man's Best Friend

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Man's Best Friend

Man Shoots Dog

1) Frank Buble recently tried to kill his son Phillip because he disapproved of the younger man's, um, relationship with his dog. Seems that Phillip's a zoophile who considers his pet his wife. Well, when Frank was sentenced last month in a Maine courthouse, Phillip wanted to attend with his old lady. But despite this moving plea--signed by both husband and wife--Superior Court Judge Andrew Mead rejected the request. (1 page)

AUDIO UPDATE: Turns out Phillip Buble isn't a one dog man. In a TSG interview Monday--click here for a creepy MP3 excerpt--the animal lover explained that heal so has a soft spot for an 86-pound German shepherd named Duke. But wife Lady, Buble noted, still remains his main squeeze.

2) In Michigan, Clyde Coburn also apparently has a complicated relationship with his pooch, as this Allegan County sheriff's report shows. (2 pages)

3) We have a feeling that the founding fathers of the Freedom of Information Act didn't have a request like this in mind. (2 pages)

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