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"Trump Man" Busted For Serial Pooping Spree

Cops: Ohioan, 70, targeted home of Democrats

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"Trump Man" Nabbed

JUNE 3--A 70-year-old Ohio man who told cops he was a “Trump man” confessed to repeatedly urinating and defecating in front of a neighbor’s home because the residents "are Democrats and support Joe Biden," according to a police report.

Jerry Detrick, the accused septuagenarian serial pooper, was cited Sunday for littering after the homeowner caught him in the act around 3:15 AM in Greenville, a western Ohio city.

Investigators say that Matthew Guyette called 911 after spotting a man squatting down and relieving himself near a privet hedge outside the home Guyette, 59, shares with his husband. Upon being confronted by Guyette, the suspect got up and walked away from the property.

Based on a description provided by Guyette, police subsequently identified Detrick, a retired high school teacher, as a suspect in the predawn pooping. Detrick, seen at right, lives a couple of blocks from Guyette’s residence.

During police questioning, Detrick reportedly admitted to urinating in Guyette’s yard on May 30, and also copped to previously defecating on the victim’s property "multiple times."

Detrick, cops say, admitted targeting the home because Guyette and his spouse "are Democrats and support Joe Biden," while he is a “Trump man.” A patrolman noted that Detrick's statement "leads me to believe this incident is politically motivated."

Cited for littering, Detrick is scheduled to be arraigned June 8 on the misdemeanor count.

In a Facebook post following Detrick’s bust, Guyette wrote of an “eventful early morning” and the apprehension of “the man who’s been shitting in our front yard for the past ten years.” The pooper, Guyette noted, would leave behind “3 or 4 crumpled up restaurant napkins he used to clean himself. That was my clue that I had had a ‘visitor.’” (1 page)