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Billy Bob's Top Billing

A look at the concert rider of the famous actor, er, musician

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Billy Bob's Top Billing

APRIL 10--Until Billy Bob Thornton got all surly this week with that Canadian radio host, we'd never heard of his group The Boxmasters.

So we'll take the opportunity to post some excerpts from the band's 2008 tour rider, which stipulated that the act be billed as 'Billy Bob Thornton And Special Guests The Boxmasters' ('cause, you know, BBT does not want his famous Hollywood name to get in the way of the music).

Thornton's rider notes, in red type, that 'This is a smoking tour please take note! Billy Smokes On Stage As Part Of His Show!' And while his dressing room requirements are not extensive, the 53-year-old actor does need two cases of Bud Light, two bottles of a 'nice Cabernet Red Wine,' and a couple of packs of premium chewing gum. (3 pages)