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Dr. Laura's Mom Died Of Natural Causes

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Dr. Laura's Mom Died Of Natural Causes

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APRIL 8--Despite initial police reports that the estranged mother of radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger was a murder victim, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has determined that the 77-year-old woman actually died of natural causes. Chief Craig Harvey of the medical examiner's office told TSG that while coroners couldn't pinpoint the exact time of death, Yolanda Schlessinger may have been dead for more than two months prior to her body being discovered by Beverly Hills cops on December 16 (below you'll find the statement released today by the L.A. Coroner). Officers responded to the elder Schlessinger's condominium after a neighbor called to say she was worried "after not seeing the resident for several weeks." Upon learning of her mother's death, Laura Schlessinger released a statement which you can find here. (1 page)

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