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Kitaen: Finley Abuses Booze, Pot, Steroids

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Kitaen: Finley Abuses Booze, Pot, Steroids

Firing back at her baseball star husband, Tawny Kitaen contends that Cleveland Indians pitcher Chuck Finley is a heavy boozer who frequently smokes marijuana, injects illegal steroids, and has "bragged" that he knows how to "get around drug testing within the baseball league."

Kitaen leveled these charges in a May 1 declaration filed in the couple's ongoing divorce case in California's Superior Court (the declaration was filed in connection with Kitaen's request that Finley return the couple's two daughters to their Orange County home from a temporary Cleveland residence).

As TSG previously reported, the couple's marriage unraveled after Kitaen was arrested for spousal abuse and subsequently checked into rehab for a prescription drug addiction.

Along with the allegations in Kitaen's May 1 filing, the actress previously filed a declaration claiming that Finley's family liberally uses the "N-word," that the athlete likes to gets liquored up and brawl with strangers, and kept an unregistered shotgun in the bedroom closet. (6 pages)

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