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A Springsteen Sampler & Thanks From JFK Jr.

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A Springsteen Sampler & Thanks From JFK Jr.

JFK, Jr. Letter

Here's a TSG 2-for-1 special:

1) In recognition of last week's launch of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's U.S. tour, here's a few things from our Boss file. First, you can examine the latest IRS filing made by the Thrill Hill Foundation, Bruce's charity group. In 1997, the most recent year for which records are available, Bruce forked over a total of $80,000 (far less, for example, than 1994 grants totaling $249,000). The 80 grand represents about 5% of the foundation's $1.5 million in assets (IRS rules require foundations to donate a minimum of 5% of their assets annually). We've also included Springsteen's famous August 1974 Help Wanted ad (drummer Max Weinberg and pianist Roy Bittan, as it turned out, found their jobs through The Village Voice). Finally, we're throwing in another Voice ad, this one for the legendary series of 1975 concerts at Greenwich Village's Bottom Line. (4 pages)

2) This is the thank-you letter 10-year-old John F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote to President Richard Nixon following a February 1971 tour of the White House. Accompanied by his sister and mother, this was JFK Jr.'s first trip back to the White House since his father's 1963 assassination. (3 pages)