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"Stella" Exhales In Nasty Divorce

Terry McMillan says her dream man was actually a scheming 'Fag'

Terry McMillan

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"Stella" Exhales In Nasty Divorce

McMillan-Plummer "Fraud"

McMillan-Plummer "Password"

McMillan-Plummer "Gay Orgy"

JUNE 30--Author Terry McMillan's messy divorce action pretty much boils down to her contention that she unknowingly got her groove back with a scheming gay guy.

In a blistering back-and-forth flurry, McMillan, 53, and hubby Jonathan Plummer, 30, have traded charges of duplicity, homophobia, and embezzlement, according to documents filed in California's Contra Costa Superior Court.

The writer, whose best sellers include "Waiting to Exhale" and "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," married Plummer in September 1998, three years after meeting him at a Jamaican resort (he was 20 at the time; she was 42). McMillan incorporated the older-woman-finds-love-with-a-younger-man theme into "Stella," which later became a hit movie starring Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs.

But McMillan now dismisses that love story as a fairy tale, claiming that Plummer hid his homosexuality from her so that he could eventually secure U.S. citizenship. Plummer, she charges in one court filing, engaged in a "10-year pattern of deception" that included his theft from her of $200,000.

Below you'll find a series of court filings in the divorce case, including a declaration filed this month by Plummer claiming that McMillan repeatedly harassed him after he disclosed last year that he was gay. Plummer said that McMillan has tormented him in a series of vitriolic letters, one of which concluded, 'I wish I had never met your sneaky ass. I wish I had never married you. I do hate you Jonathan...And I hate all the Fags out there like you who use women to hide behind so that you can walk the streets of America without a care in the're a Fag alright.'

PLUMMER: "I tried to talk to Terry about my sexuality..." (12 pages)

McMILLAN: "My consent was obtained by fraud..." (17 pages)

PLUMMER: "Terry changed the password on my cell phone to 'ILUVMEN'" (11 pages)

PLUMMER: Terry said we "had a 'gay orgy' at his mother's house." (4 pages)