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Trysting The Night Away: JFK's Sex Romps

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Trysting The Night Away: JFK's Sex Romps

As the nation anxiously awaits next month's release of the latest Kennedy family tome (author Seymour Hersh's "The Dark Side of Camelot"), we couldn't help but pile on with our own JFK sex stories. Here's a trio of FBI memos about the late president's extramarital activities. The records, which follow consecutively, include:

Pages 1-2: Part of a July 1960 memo addressing JFK's "immoral activities."

Page 3: March 1962 report on Judith Campbell Exner, a presidential conquest

Page 4: 1965 memo on alleged New York City sex parties.

Though always interested in the sex lives of both friend and foe, late FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover seemed to have an overwhelming interest in JFK's bedside manner, keeping close tabs on the politician both before and after the 1960 presidential election. (4 pages)