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TSG's 2002 Person Of The Year

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TSG's 2002 Person Of The Year

We're all for saluting whistle blowers, but TSG thinks the Person of the Year should have been Eminem. Our favorite rapper had a fabulous 2002--save that nasty little run-in with Triumph, our favorite Insult Comic Dog--but we think his rap sheet probably made him a tough sell for those Time Inc. suits.

Em (aka Marshall Mathers, III) was arrested twice in June 2000 on gun charges in Michigan, and was hit last year with probationary sentences in both cases, one in Royal Oak, the other in Warren (below you'll find mug shots from both those arrests).

The performer was nabbed by Warren cops for carrying a concealed weapon and assault after fighting with a man he saw kissing his estranged wife Kim outside of a club. He also got popped for brandishing a weapon during a parking lot beef with members of the rival rap outfit Insane Clown Posse. (1 page)