At 205 MPH, Speed Thrills

Minnesota biker cited for driving 140 mph over limit

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At 205 MPH, Speed Thrills

SEPTEMBER 22--The below Minnesota speeding ticket should be in a museum someplace. That's because motorcyclist Samuel Tilley, 20, was clocked Saturday afternoon going 205 mph on his Honda. That was 140 mph over the limit on U.S. Highway 61. Tilley was clocked at Indy car speeds by a State Patrol pilot flying overhead, stopwatch in hand. The pilot radioed ahead to a state trooper who pulled Tilley over and issued the reckless driving citation. Tilley, the son of a sheriff's deputy, displaces William Faenza at the top of TSG's speediest driver list. Faenza was nabbed last September when Pennsylvania cops clocked him doing 182 mph in his Lamborghini Diablo. (1 page)

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Going 205 on a Honda makes 182 in a Lamborghini seem kinda weak. But I bet I know which one can better afford the ticket. I'd totally frame the ticket... but then take it down and hide it when my kids learned to read.