Another Houston Strip Club Raided

Sheriff's sting operation nets 18 arrests at Texas gentlemen's club

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Another Houston Strip Club Raided

JUNE 2--Proving again that it's legally perilous to work at a Texas gentlemen's club, police last Thursday arrested 18 employees of a Houston strip joint on a variety of charges, including prostitution and violating the city's strict regulations governing sexually oriented business.

The May 29 raid at St. James Cabaret was carried out by Harris County Sheriff's Office vice officers following a weeklong undercover operation. On the following pages you'll find mug shots of 15 of the women caught up in the law enforcement sweep, which was triggered by citizen complaints about operations at the club.

This is at least the fourth time in the last 18 months that a Houston strip club has been raided. Previous cases, which are detailed here, here, here, and here, netted 32 arrests. In most instances, dancers were busted for improper contact with customers, a violation of the "three-foot rule" governing how close a dancer can get to a customer. (15 pages)

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12 looks like an elementary school teacher, 13 and 15 look like her students and 14, looks like someone's psychotic ex-girlfriend.
Holy cow! I recognize number 2. She was my prom date in high school. She's wearing colored contacts though. Hope her kids are alright.
After viewing the mug shots the Sheriff's Office did a public service. That was some real bottom of the barrel talent which is odd since other clubs in the area have some top notch poontang.
1, 2 and 5 were kinda cute in a busted up stripper kinda way.
I wish I could understand why so many country towns in the South spend so much time and money worrying about whether strippers are getting too close to their customers. I think it mostly has to do with a church trying to get the strip club's property or justification for a larger police force in our hard economic times, but it can't be about protecting the public. And it's never been about protecting the children (OHHH, the Children) from the knowledge of what occurs inside. There is always an angle that is more corrupt than any shenanigans that could occur inside. I say it's about some nearby megachurch that wants to expand so they can get the money instead of the strippers (this is Houston, after all-- the land of the garishly overdone "religious" services and temples) . Screw that!! SUPPORT SINGLE MOMS!!! SUPPORT SINGLE MOMS!!! SUPPORT SINGLE MOMS!!!
I agree, complete waste of taxpayer money, money that should be going into stripper's g-strings. Seriously though, what people privately do with their hard-earned cash is nobody's business but theirs. If you want to get nit-picky, I can think of a lot of private wastes of money, we'll start with churches and work our way up to gas-guzzling SUV's and McMansions. Helping some poor girl feed her own kids or work her way through college in this tough economy doesn't seem so morally bad.
It is not just the stripping. Most of the girls shown were not Americans. The illegals have been illegally bringing in girls just for the purpose of stripping, prostitution, drugs and a host of other reasons. Some of the girls do not want to be doing what they are doing, but they are forced to do it to pay off their debt for having been brought by the crooks into our country. The sad thing is, their debt to those crooks never gets paid off - unless there is a police raid. Then they have a choice when they tell the police what has been going on.
I hope that they close all of the strip clubs, improper conduct with customers, scantly clad scanks enticing money that should be going towards the customer's family and children.
What about the stripper's family and children? Doesn't she have a right to earn a living and help support her family?. By the tone of your comment, it seems like you have a personal issue with "scantily clad skanks" who entice money from men and women who visit strip clubs. Honey, your hubby would still spend the money on something or someone other than you. Loosen your grip on his scrotum and your ankle lock and he might be willing to let more of his cash flow your way instead of into Crystal's thong. At least Crystal gives him a smile for a dollar--DO YOU?
spladow- First, to answer your inquiries, yes those females have a legal right as well as a legal obligation and ethical responsibility to provide financial support for their family members and to contribute to the employee tax base in an ethical manner, meaning the ends do not universally justify the means. Second, "Mo Ma' " is a name for a Chinese male, not female. As a martial artist/teacher, if my hand is ever found around any body part, it will be because I would most like be preparing to twist, break, rupture, rip or tear it away from a hostile opponent. Finally, I smile each and every day with or without receiving money from strangers. Would you like your mother/wife/daughter swiping her butt on the groin of strangers shaking dollar bills???
What a ridiculous waste of time and taxpayer money. If you don't like looking at naked women or having them dance on your lap, then why on God's green Earth are you going to strip clubs? Nobody forces you to go into a strip club, so why are you complaining about what consensual adults do for entertainment? It's none of your darn business you dumb silly busybodies.