Attendants Take Toll On Miffed Motorists

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Attendants Take Toll On Miffed Motorists

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OCTOBER 14--While TSG has always found toll takers to be a cheery and respectful bunch, apparently the exhaust fumes have been getting to some employees of the New York State Thruway Authority.

Below you'll find an amusing sampling of letters by motorists who complained of an assortment of run-ins with booth inhabitants, ranging from verbal harassment to getting ripped off by nasty state employees (our favorite shortchanger--if you can believe a complainant--was actually a bongo-playing toll taker outside Albany).

While we salute these aggrieved motorists for taking the time to fill out customer reports and online feedback forms (hundreds of which TSG obtained via a Freedom of Information request), we do have a suggestion for them: Get a freakin' E-ZPass! Those gizmos were invented so you could avoid having the caged bird slinging curses your way. (13 pages)