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Back In The Day: Marky Mark's Rap Sheet

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Back In The Day: Marky Mark's Rap Sheet

12/4/14 UPDATE: Wahlberg seeks pardon for assault convictions

Mark Wahlberg, the artist formerly known as Marky Mark, says he has grown up.

In a spate of recent magazine interviews, Wahlberg claims that his wild-child days are behind him. He's an actor now, not that obnoxious rap star with the lame lyrics and pumped-up pecs.

The 26-year-old has quite a reputation to live down, though.

Here are portions of selected Massachusetts court documents detailing Wahlberg's former intolerance for, among others, "slant-eyed gooks" and black children. These attacks resulted in a jail stint for Wahlberg.

Young Mark has now left Boston's rough-and-tumble streets for Hollywood, where he is making movies and staying out of trouble. Wahlberg stars in the soon-to-be-released "Boogie Nights," which debuts this Wednesday (October 8) at the New York Film Festival.

Here's a brief description of these documents, which total ten pages and follow consecutively:

Pages 1-4: Marky assaults a group of black schoolchildren.

Pages 5-8: Marky assaults a "Vietnam fucking shit."

Pages: 9-10: Marky assaults a neighbor.