DOCUMENT: Roundups, Crime

Bail Me Out!

The Big Three weren't alone with their hands out (or up) this week

DECEMBER 5--This week's mug shot roundup kicks off with a troika of arrestees who needed an old fashioned bailout.

As for our other perps, a few notes: 1) The tattooed suspect on page #4 (we fused two photos of the guy's back) appears primed to add a Harley Davidson logo to his collection of cartoon characters; 2) The 66-year-old Californian on page #6 has been busted twice in the past ten days (resisting and trespassing). While being booked for the latter collar, she displayed her disapproval of the process; and 3) The remainder of the t-shirt worn by the guy on page #12 reads, 'Go Caucasian.' (17 pages)