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Beat The Hell Outta Mug Shots

Alleged drunk's political statement kicks off this week's collection

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Beat The Hell Outta Mug Shots

OCTOBER 24--We're assuming that the accused drunk driver who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup is a John McCain supporter. The 19-year-old perp was arrested Sunday while wearing a t-shirt with a variation on a slogan associated with support of Texas A&M teams (usually it's something like 'Beat The Hell Outta Iowa State').

A few other notes: 1) The Floridians on page #3, who were arrested a day apart for driving under the influence, appear to have spent some quality time at the Lancome counter; 2) As seen on page #8, all sorts of belly tattoos are photographed during the booking process; and 3) Regarding the images on page #17, Phillies in six. (17 pages)