Cops: Botched Order Prompted Big Mac Attack

Minnesota man, 39, charged with assault

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Big Mac Battering

MARCH 24--Angered that the mother of his son got him a Quarter Pounder instead of a Big Mac from McDonald’s, a Minnesota man allegedly argued with the woman before throwing her to the ground and then swiping money from the victim’s purse, police charge.

Responding to a flurry of 911 calls about a disturbance Sunday night at a residence in Mankato, a cop was told by the victim that she was assaulted by Mohamed Aboubaker, a Minneapolis resident with a lengthy rap sheet.

According to a criminal complaint, the 39-year-old Aboubaker “was visiting for the last few days” with the victim (the pair are parents to a three-year-old boy).

The woman told police that Aboubaker was upset because she got him “a quarter pounder instead of a big mac from McDonald’s.” An argument ensued and Aboubaker allegedly “threw her to the ground against the dresser.” The woman said that “her son was in the room and was screaming while this occurred.”

The victim said that after Aboubaker (pictured above) went into the kitchen and removed money from her purse, she confronted him and sprayed him with a can of “Mace” (which actually was hornet spray).

Aboubaker fled the home, but was subsequently apprehended and charged with a pair of misdemeanor domestic assault counts. Aboubaker’s rap sheet includes convictions for aggravated robbery; receiving stolen property; domestic assault; disorderly conduct, driving with a suspended license; marijuana possession; and providing a false name to law enforcement. (2 pages)