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Can You Hear Me Now?

Cops: Ohio Peeping Tom hid cell phone camera in his backside

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Can You Hear Me Now?

JUNE 23--Meet Jeffrey Barrier.

The Ohio man allegedly used a cell phone camera to snap photos of a naked woman at a tanning salon Saturday and then hid the phone in his anus in a bid to thwart police. Standing on a chair, Barrier, 41, took the photos at Cincinnati's Aloha Tanning, where a 35-year-old woman was "in the nude in a tanning room," according to a Hamilton County Municipal Court affidavit.

When cops later confronted Barrier, "he kept denying any involvement of the incident" and claimed to not have a camera. However, a second search of the suspect turned up the camera. As noted in a Hamilton County Sheriff's Office report, Barrier "did hide evidence in his anus." Barrier, pictured in his mug shot, was charged with disorderly conduct for taking the photos and obstructing official business for hampering a police investigation.

Barrier, due in court today, is free on $1500 bond. (3 pages)