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Cops Snap Spring Break Honey Trap

Two women lure man to Panama City beach, four men beat and rob him

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Cops Snap Spring Break Honey Trap

APRIL 3--It's a spring breaker's dream: After meeting a couple of women in a Florida bar, they entice you to take a late-night stroll on the beach, where they promise to perform some 'sexual favors.' Of course, things did not work out as expected for the Wisconsin man who accompanied the gals Monday evening to a Panama City beach, according to police.

When the trio hit the sand, the spring breaker was attacked from behind by a quartet of goons, who were working in concert with the two women. The man was beaten up and relieved of his wallet, $80, and other items. Cops subsequently arrested the women who set the honey trap--Leslie Taylor Johnson, 26, and Anna Poole, 19--and their four male accomplices, all of whom were booked on robbery charges.

Johnson (left) and Poole are pictured in their mug shots. Booking photos for the duo's male enforcers can be found here. (2 pages)