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A Couple Of Boobs

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A Couple Of Boobs

RFK's Prep Woes?

Here's quite a pair:

1) Stripper Doddie Smith is suing her plastic surgeon because her breasts were left "too high" following augmentation surgery, according to this federal lawsuit filed in Milwaukee in early-January. Smith alleges that Dr. Steven Wiener (not a stage name) is guilty of malpractice and has left her unable to work as a "Featured Dancer" at "exotic dance clubs." Doddie claims she's out more than $100,000 (roughly the equivalent of 5,000 lap dances!). TSG's hoping Tori Spelling might now be mulling copycat litigation. (3 pages)

2) Speaking of boobs, here's a memo FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover wrote after meeting with Bradshaw Mintener, a ormer administration official. Mintener, who served on the board of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, strangely had no problem speaking ill of the dead. RFK, of course, never went to that prep school, so it would have been difficult to get caught cheating there. But that didn't stop Hoover from recording such dreck -- you know, for posterity's sake. (1 page)