Couple Takes Pics Of Boy, 2, Smoking Pot

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Couple Takes Pics Of Boy, 2, Smoking Pot

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APRIL 27--Meet Elizabeth Lyvers and John Robert Gray.

The dimwitted Kentucky couple was arrested Sunday for felony child abuse after taking pictures of Lyvers's two-year-old son smoking pot.

The pair was nabbed when an employee at the convenience store where Lyvers, 24, and Gray, 20, dropped off their film called cops after seeing the offending images.

According to Bardstown police, one photo shows Gray holding a pipe to the child's mouth while an unidentified man--who is being sought--lights the pipe (after his arrest, Gray acknowledged that the device contained marijuana).

Lyvers's son--and a one-year-old fathered by Gray--were removed from the couple's home by state child welfare officials.

The adjacent mug shots were taken by the Nelson County Sheriff's Department.

Along with the abuse charges, Lyvers and Gray have one other criminal headache: their central Kentucky home was robbed yesterday while they were bunking at the local lockup. (1 page)