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David Bowie: Mug Shot Oddity

Unseen image from rock star's 1976 Rochester pot bust surfaces

David Bowie

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David Bowie: Mug Shot Oddity

NOVEMBER 8--Mug shot aficionados are likely aware that TSG has unearthed a host of previously unseen celebrity mug shots, from Tupac Shakur and Andre The Giant to Johnny Cash and 50 Cent.

Today we're adding to that list with this marvelous booking photo of David Bowie, which was snapped in Rochester, New York following the singer's March 1976 arrest on a felony pot possession charge. Bowie, 29 at the time, was nabbed along with Iggy Pop and two other codefendants at a Rochester hotel following a Saturday concert. Bowie was held in the Monroe County jail for a few hours before being released.

The Rochester Police Department mug shot was taken three days after Bowie's arrest, when the performer appeared at City Court for arraignment. (1 page)