Dear Piece Of Trash:

Cleveland pol sends drug suspect profanity-filled letter

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Dear Piece Of Trash:

JULY 19--Incensed by the most recent arrest of an alleged drug dealer, a Cleveland politician wrote the perp a scathing, profanity-filled letter that referred to the man as a "crack dealing piece of trash" who should "go to jail or the cemetery soon."

In a July 12 letter, a copy of which you'll find here, Councilman Michael Polensek, 57, tore into Arsenio Winston, 18, after learning of the teenager's arrest earlier this month on a felony drug trafficking rap. The letter's writer and its recipient are pictured at left.

Winston's bust came in Cleveland's 11th Ward, which Polensek has represented since 1982. Writing that jail or a funeral home would be Winston's next stop, Polensek noted, "Quite frankly, I don't care which one you get to first as long as your dumb stupid ass is out of my neighborhood."

While Polensek defended the confrontational letter in an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Winston's mother said she considered the missive a threat to her son and was conferring with her lawyer. (1 page)

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Councilman Polensik could have been just a little bit more diplomatic but how do you relate to a boneheaded crack dealer that's a scrouge on society. Wilson's lifestyle and him as a person are totally disgusting. Most probably he is a ward of the sate,or lives on welfare with an "entitlement" mentality. Working people who support this scum through federal taxes are damn good and tired of it. Stay out of trouble, get a decent job, support yourself ,support your children and "raise" them like a man, not like a "boy".I don't feel one little bit sorry for your poor ash. You would'nt work if a good job was given to you because you are a lazy no good for nothing user.
I applaud the Councilman's letter, but at the same time he pretty much signed his death warrant to Mr. Arsenio "Piece of Trash" Winston. Hopefully PoT won't see the light of day or send one of his thug friends to "teach Mr. Polensek a lesson".
Here we go…First of all, whether the Councilman disliked Mr Wilson or not, Councilman’s language was most inappropriate, unprofessional and totally out of place, especially written on an official municipal government letterhead document. The use of such language in an official local government communication was simply inexcusable for an elected official representing a local body electorate. It was, in fact, a misused of government property and an abuse of his official position. Now, having said that, he would have been perfectly within his right to express his opinion in any way at all as long as it does not appear on an official municipal govt letterhead document. He is lucky if he does not face disciplinary action for his misappropriation of government property.
This is freedom of speach, not a threat. This man was outraged by the trash living around, he was just frustrated.