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Claim dentist injected sperm into mouths of female patients

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Dental Shocker

JULY 26--Five out of five dentists surveyed would find this story vile.

A North Carolina man suspected of injecting semen into the mouths of six female patients is this week facing an administrative hearing that could result in his license being yanked.

According to a notice served on Dr. John Hall, the 41-year-old doc once told a patient who was bleeding that, "he was going to put something in her mouth that would taste funny, but would stop the bleeding." Hall then allegedly used a syringe to inject semen into her mouth and told her she could "swallow it," investigators charge.

Another woman told Hall the substance he was about to shoot into her mouth "smelled like sperm."

While four other women all have similar stories, a seventh patient alleged that Hall jumped on her while she was in his dental chair and began to "gyrate against her lower body in a sexual manner."

The State Board of Dental Examiners initially suspended Hall's license, but reinstated him earlier this year on the condition that he not be alone with female patients. Several law enforcement agencies are probing Hall, who has maintained his innocence in the North Carolina administrative proceedings. (10 pages)