Drug Ring Sold Pot-Laced Candy, Soda

Pot Tarts, Toka-Cola, Munchy Ways seized in DEA raids


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Drug Ring Sold Pot-Laced Candy, Soda

MARCH 17--A California drug operation manufactured marijuana-laced candy and soft drinks that were packaged to resemble popular products like Jolly Ranchers, Milky Way, and Pop Tarts.

The pot ring, busted yesterday by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, was headquartered in Oakland and allegedly headed by Kenneth Affolter, 39, who was one of 12 alleged dealers nabbed.

DEA raids at indoor pot-growing facilities turned up the marijuana-infused products, which carried labels such as Toka-Cola, Pot Tarts, Puff-A-Mint Pattie, Stoney Ranchers, Munchy Way, and Buddahfinger. A DEA spokesperson told TSG that the pot was baked into chocolate bars and hard candies and that the soda contained concentrated hash oil.

A label on the ring's Nestle Crunch knockoff describes the item's ingredients as "milk chocolate with crisped rice dipped in hash oil rich chocolate." Some of the seized items can be seen in the evidence photos on these pages.

In a statement, DEA agent Javier Pena noted that Affolter's pot ring, which operated under the name Beyond Bomb, was "not only illegal, but potentially tragic," since "innocent children will somehow get their hands on these products and think they are just normal candy or soft drinks." (7 pages)

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Well from what I've read nobody has ever died from ingesting pot. On the other hand children die every single day from ingesting prescription drugs... Do you think the DEA will be raiding Pfizer?
As a California patient with a doctor's recommendation for medicinal marijuana, and as a person who works in the medicinal cannabis industry, I can safely say that manufacturers of products like this are more prevalent than most people know. Oakland recently approved large-scale indoor production (see below): Oakland City Council Approves Large-Scale Production of Medical Marijuana By Lauren Callahan, Oakland North - Thursday, July 22 2010 "In a lively, standing room only meeting, the Oakland city council voted Tuesday night to approve on first reading a city-wide plan for the cultivation of medical marijuana in four new large-scale factories. After three hours of debate, which included 125 speakers during the public comment session, the council voted 5 to 2 in favor of the plan, with North Oakland’s councilmember, Council President Jane Brunner, abstaining. Councilmembers Jean Quan and Nancy Nadel voted against the plan. If the ordinance passes next week, requests for proposals would be submitted to the city this fall, with marijuana production permits being issued next January." It should be noted that Mrs. Quan is now the Mayor of Oakland and continues to voice her personal opposition to what the Oakland voters, residents and businesses, have approved. Quan has recently been bashed for failing to impact crime in Oakland - so it appears that she's going after the pot producers to build a name for herself. While I agree that the packaging would be EXTREMELY attractive to children, I cannot help but wonder if the major candy and soda manufacturers complained to the DEA about copyright infringements and asked for some "relief" from the pain of minor competition/negative publicity. Too bad for Beyond Bomb but there are PLENTY of other medicinal products available...thankfully for patients ONLY!
"not only illegal, but potentially tragic,' since 'innocent children will somehow get their hands on these products and think they are just normal candy or soft drinks." I'm glad the DEA agent understands that these products are not explicitly targeting children, but are for adults to consume marijuana in a less obvious way, and perhaps more enjoyable for some. though i also share the concern of children mistaking these items for regular candy, i am glad to know that this is just a bit of pot, something most kids will try eventually anyway, and not sweets laced with severely addictive, or possibly psychologically damaging drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, opium, DMT, LSD. supply and demand.