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Drugs, Nudity...And The Jonai?

Contract makes it seem illicit activity rampant at gigs

Jonas Brothers

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Drugs, Nudity...And The Jonas Brothers?

FEBRUARY 3--And you thought a Jonas Brothers concert was a wholesome affair populated by screaming girls and their more somber parental chaperones. However, the fresh-faced trio's gigs apparently are filled with nudity, drug use, and other "illegal activity."

Well, at least that's what a contract provided to concert photographers by the band's lawyers would lead you to believe. The agreement, a copy of which you'll find here, was presented to photographers shooting performances during the band's 2009 world tour. Along with a variety of other restrictions, Jonas Brothers Touring, LLC bars photographers from using images that "involve illegal activity" that may be "harmful or derogatory" to the band or concertgoers.

We're going to assume here that possible nudity and drug use would be on the part of fans, not the virginal--or at least 2/3 pure--Jonas Brothers. (3 pages)