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Flying With Tiger

Tour rider: Woods likes peanut butter, playing cards, action movies

Tiger Woods

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Flying With Tiger

MAY 2--While you're left to fight for a blanket and shell out $5 for one of those lunch boxes, Tiger Woods is flying in slightly more comfort.

As seen here, when the golf star boards a Gulfstream jet with wife Elin Nordegren, his Evian is chilled and flight attendants are aware of his travel requirements. Prepared in late-2004 before Woods boarded a NetJets flight, the memo includes a "critical note" for attendants about him being allergic to garlic and a reference about his preference for bagels with peanut butter and sliced banana.

We're sure John Daly's airplane rider is similar to Tiger's--just with a few more strippers and beer kegs. (1 page)