Girl Eats Pop's Pot Brownies

Wisconsin man faces drug charge after five-year-old sickened

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Girl Eats Pop's Pot Brownies

OCTOBER 11--Meet Luke Schoepke.

The Wisconsin nitwit is facing a felony drug rap after his five-year-old daughter got ill from eating brownies that he allegedly laced with marijuana. Schoepke, 24, has been charged with pot possession and obstructing a police officer, a misdemeanor, according to a Circuit Court criminal complaint.

Cops reported that the child was brought to a Waukesha hospital emergency room by the girl's grandmother, who noted that the child was lethargic and had an unusually large appetite. The girl told her grandmother that she had "eaten some brownies at the residence of her father," who had dropped the child off at the woman's home prior to attending a concert.

A field test of the leftover brownies confirmed they contained pot.

When confronted by cops, a "very nervous and agitated" Schoepke denied any connection to the brownies. However, an arresting officer noted that he detected "the very faint odor of fresh marijuana" on Schoepke. Not to mention that Schoepke had a baggie of pot in his jacket pocket.

If convicted of the drug charge, Schoepke faces a maximum of three and a half years in prison. (3 pages)