Hang In There

Until Saddam's demise hits YouTube, these videos will have to suffice

Saddam Hussein

DECEMBER 29--Until the Saddam Hussein execution video finds its way to YouTube, we can offer hanging fans these two World War II-era clips showing what happened back in the day to Uncle Sam's enemies.

The demise of assorted Nazi spies and saboteurs was shot by War Department cameramen and provided to newsreel outlets for inclusion in filmed reports that preceded featured attractions at U.S. movie theaters.

The first video (:44) shows the final moments of a Nazi civilian who was executed for killing "one of our boys," as the newsreel announcer notes. The second clip (1:13), which is silent, was filmed by the Army Signal Corps and begins with footage of a death warrant being read. It concludes with the condemned man being dumped into a waiting coffin. Click on the stills below to launch the respective video clips. (1 page)