Here's To You, Mr. Robinson

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Here's To You, Mr. Robinson

If you're like The Smoking Gun, you probably can't remember the winner--let alone the score--of the 1999 Super Bowl. But who can forget the pre-game performance of Atlanta Falcons star Eugene Robinson?

On the night before the big game, Miami cops arrested Robinson after he offered an undercover policewoman $40 for oral sex (earlier that day, fellow Christians held a breakfast honoring Robinson for his moral character).

In early-March, in exchange for the dropping of a misdemeanor solicitation charge, the 35-year-old athlete agreed to take an AIDS test and enroll in an AIDS education course. In connection with that plea bargain, these documents were filed in Dade County Court.

We especially love the post-arrest statements-disclosed here for the first time-by a panicky Robinson (who was nicknamed "The Prophet" because of his religious dedication). Hall of Fame QB Bart Starr has got to be pissed. (4 pages)