Just Dandy: Defendant Pulls Out A Surprise

Woman, 36, nabbed for explicit tryst

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MAY 11--A woman arrested for having sex in broad daylight just feet from a busy suburban Seattle street surprised a cop when she “removed a dandelion from her vagina,” according to court records.

Police last Sunday received a pair of 911 calls reporting that a man and a woman were engaging in sexual activity in the parking lot of a restaurant in Kent, a city just outside Seattle. The duo, witnesses reported, were trysting in “full view of the restaurant patrons” and passing cars and pedestrians.

As alleged in a probable cause affidavit, Charity Flores, 36, was initially seen performing fellatio on Antoine Howell, 37. Flores (who also uses the surname Golbienko) “was naked from the breasts down,” while Howell had “his pants down and his penis exposed.” Flores, cops say, subsequently “turned around and bent over” and Howell “began having sexual intercourse with her.”

When officers arrived at the El Señor Pollo de Kent eatery (seen below), Howell was placed under arrest. A search of the suspect turned up a vial of PCP, noted cops, who added that the sluggish Howell “expressed himself by grunting” and appeared under the influence of the drug. Flores was detained shortly after she boarded a city bus.

According to court records, Flores is frequently engaged in “public nuisance” crimes such as trespassing and disorderly conduct, and was previously convicted of indecent exposure. Cops say she “often exposes herself to the public and responding police officers.”

Following her apprehension, Flores allegedly exposed herself to one patrolman and then “removed a dandelion from her vagina.” After being transported to the local jail, Flores “stripped herself naked” in a cell.

Flores and Howell--both of whom have multiple prior felony and misdemeanor convictions--are locked up for indecent exposure. Howell is also facing a felony narcotics count.

 The dandelion was not seized as evidence. (5 pages)