Woman Pumping Breast Milk Was Secretly Recorded

Architect, 67, used "spy pen" to film employee

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Iowa Spy Pen

JUNE 28--The owner of an Iowa architectural firm was arrested today for allegedly hiding a camera in a conference room that was used by a female employee to pump breast milk, according to court records.

Investigators allege that Robert Carlson, 67, used a “spy pen” to secretly record architect Jessica Clark, 32, inside the Iowa City office of the Carlson Design Team.

In mid-December, as she was pumping breast milk, Clark noticed a leather portfolio with a pen attached on the seat next to her (as seen above). Upon examining the pen, Clark realized that it was actually a camera with a USB connector. When she plugged the item into a tablet, Clark found video of herself removing her bra and pumping milk.

Clark subsequently informed police of her discovery, prompting an investigation that resulted in Carlson’s arrest on 22 “serious misdemeanor” counts of invasion of privacy.

Search warrants executed at Carlson’s office and residence yielded electronic devices containing 22 videos “of separate incidents where the female victim was recorded actively pumping breast milk.” The videos showed Clark’s bare breasts.

When confronted by police, Carlson reportedly said he found Clark “very beautiful and wanted to see what was underneath the female victim’s blouse or shirt.” Investigators allege that Carlson illegally recorded Clark for more than eight months last year.

Seen in the above mug shot, Carlson was released this morning from the Johnson County jail.

Last month, Clark filed a lawsuit against Carlson and his company. She accuses her former boss of sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress. (2 pages)