Jail Guard Gave Lip Service To Inmate

Cops: Female guard performed New Year's Eve sex act in cell

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Jail Guard Gave Lip Service To Inmate

JANUARY 23--A 20-year-old female corrections officer is facing sex assault charges for allegedly performing oral sex on a male inmate on New Year's Eve in an Oklahoma jail.

Billie Pelley told investigators that she entered inmate Bobby Mann's cell and began kissing the 37-year-old inmate 'for a while.' She then advanced to servicing Mann, but 'stopped after thinking about what she was doing,' according to a probable cause affidavit filed earlier this month in Okfuskee County District Court.

By then, however, Pelley's encounter with Mann had already been recorded by a surveillance camera. When a dispatcher, Andrea Million, subsequently entered Cell 10, she found Pelley sitting on the side of Mann's bed. During an interview with a sheriff's investigator, Pelley admitted the sexual contact with the prisoner, who is awaiting trial on a bomb threat count.

Pelley was charged last week with forcible sodomy, a felony, since Mann was not legally 'capable of giving legal consent' because he is in custody. Prosecutors concede, however, that Mann, not surprisingly, consented to the oral sex.

Pelley and Mann are pictured in mug shots snapped by the Okfuskee County Sheriff. While Pelley quickly bonded out of jail after her arraignment, Mann remains in the Oklahoma lockup. (5 pages)

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Do you always release the names of sexual assault victims or only the male ones?