Kobe Bryant Police Interview

NBA star's graphic account of hotel room encounter, finishing move

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Kobe Bryant Police Interview

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SEPTEMBER 24--For the first time in its unsanitized form, here you'll find the official 57-page transcript of the police interview of Kobe Bryant conducted the night after the NBA star was accused of rape by a 19-year-old Colorado woman.

During a 75-minute conversation with Eagle County Sheriff's investigators Dan Loya and Doug Winters in July 2003, the athlete first denied having sex with the woman and then claimed their encounter was consensual.

While our friends at the family-friendly Vail Daily--which first obtained the document last week--had to scrub the interview of profanity and certain graphic details, TSG has left in all the dirty words, thoughts, and deeds. We're all adults here, right?

The police transcript, revised last month in anticipation of a September criminal trial, is a real page-turner and serves as the narrative bookend to the woman's account of the hotel room incident, which was provided by Winters during an October 2003 pretrial hearing.

While you should read the whole Bryant interview, we will point you to the passage in which the 27-year-old Los Angeles Laker first tells cops about one particular bedroom predilection, a nasty act that will surely be referred to on signs razzing Bryant next season on the road. There are many other highlights, which you'll have to find for yourself (but don't bother dialing Kobe's cell--the number has been changed). (57 pages)

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Just my opinion, having read the transcript, I think he is guilty...too much doesnt add up. His account of the sex did not seem realistic...I mean really, 5 sec of oral sex and the whole episode lasted 5 minutes with no finish. Yet, she had his semen in her...was dumb on his part to claim no finish when they had told him what they had as evidence.