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Getting locked up not worst thing for these Cavs fans

mug shot roundup

JULY 9--We're sure the hearts of the dozen arrestees pictured at left--who kick off this week's mug shot roundup--broke last night when LeBron James delivered his televised rabbit punch to Cleveland Cavaliers fans everywhere. We'd suggest burning those jerseys, but they'd probably get collared for arson.

As for the remaining perps, a few notes: 1) The natty looking Georgian, 46, on page #2 was busted yesterday on a contempt charge; 2) The proud American on page #4 was nabbed in South Carolina on, of course, July 4. He allegedly violated terms of a home detention sentence; 3) Popped yesterday on a prostitution count, the 25-year-old Floridian on page #5 put his best face forward during booking; and 4) It was bad enough that the 19-year-old Arizona man on page #7 was nabbed for threats and intimidation. But he got arrested on July 4, the birthday of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. (15 pages)