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"Leeza" Guest Cries Foul

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"Leeza" Guest Cries Foul

Hoover-Nixon Memo

A former guest on Leeza Gibbons's talk show is suing the host for allegedly duping her into appearing on the program, a "freakshow" that left the woman permanently damaged with psychiatric and emotional injuries. Imagine that! Seems that 49-year-old Wanda Reed--who has battled anorexia and bulimia--and her daughter went on the show thinking they were going to talk about the hereditary nature of eating disorders. Instead, according to this excerpt from a Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, Leeza pit Wanda against daughter Tammy for some old fashioned daytime fireworks. (9 pages)

On a more sedate note, check out this FBI memo drafted by J. Edgar Hoover following a 1970 conversation with Richard Nixon. They discussed the death penalty and the need for a "real man" on the Supreme Court. (1 page)