Woman Claimed Meth Sales As Only Work Option

Police: Dealer, 27, said she "can not obtain a job"

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APRIL 12--A West Virginia woman arrested with a large stash of methamphetamine told police that she sold the drug “in order to make a living because she can not obtain a job,” according to a felony complaint.

Rainee Pase, 27, was a passenger in an SUV pulled over Sunday night for vehicular violations as it traveled on Route 7 in Terra Alta, a small West Virginia town.

During questioning by a state trooper, a male passenger in the auto revealed that when Pase spotted the cop car pull behind them, she announced that she was in possession of narcotics.

Investigators allege that Pase then admitted there was methamphetamine in her backpack. A search of the backpack yielded a “large baggy with methamphetamine” and “several small baggies with the substance and the weight of the product written on the outside.” Troopers also found smoking devices, several empty baggies, and a small scale with what appeared to be meth residue on it. The scale had Pase’s name written on it, cops say.

Pase, seen above, was arrested on a possession with intent to deliver charge, a felony carrying a maximum prison term of 15 years. The seized meth weighed a total of about 20 grams, according to the court complaint.

While in custody, investigators say, Pase told a trooper that, “she does sell methamphetamine in order to make a living because she can not obtain a job.”

Pase is locked up in lieu of $10,000 bond on the drug count. (2 pages)