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Metzger FBI Memo

Today, TSG doubles your pleasure:

1) As this Department of State telegram notes, late design legend Saul Bass once dropped a dime to American Embassy officials in Poland noting that Andy Warhol won a Warsaw poster competition through the peculiar intercession of a Russian judge. Seems as if State's paranoid Cold Warriors thought Warhol's popularity with the Commie was a bit suspicious. (1page)

2) We love Hoover's FBI because of memos like this. Young Dirk Metzger was starring in a Walt Disney production being filmed at bureau HQ, and the kid"greatly impressed" staffers. But just because the13-year-old seemed sweet, that didn't mean he wasn't eyeballed by the G-men. Luckily for Dirk, his bureau background check came back clean--no rap sheet, Commie sympathizing, or class-cutting. (1 page)